Since 1957

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65 years of experience in

Plastics production and

Since 1957, we have specialised in the design, production and processing of plastics through innovative extrusion and co-extrusion processes.
We are partner with the most prestigious Italian and foreign companies with a strong focus on quality and product customization.
Our experience, professionalism and expertise have enabled us to open new horizons by researching new application solutions in different market sectors.


Products and profiles

Profiles for refrigeration
Profiles for refrigeration
Round tubes
Round tubes
Square profiles
Square profiles
Flat profiles
Flat profiles
Soft profiles
Soft profiles
Multi-use profiles
Multi-use profiles

Do you have an idea or a project?

Customised solutions and

We shape ideas by designing and manufacturing custom extruded and co-extruded profiles. Our know-how, next-generation equipment, research and technical advice enable us to make your tailor-made project a reality.


50 extrusion systems and
modern processing

Thanks to an advanced and certified production system, we are able to meet every request starting from drawing and making the custom-made dies. 
The production system, guaranteed by 50 extrusion systems, is supported by new technologies for plastics production. Our capabilities include profile extrusion, co-extrusion, in-line and off-line profile processing with eventual final assembly. The production process is accompanied by quality controls carried out in the laboratory.

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