Extruded, co-extruded profiles and tubes for furniture

Profiles for furniture are one of our historical specialisations, thanks to our collaboration with the many companies in the furniture industry and with designers.

We collaborate with many design companies and designers to make plastic pipes and profiles for furniture, kitchens and home accessories. They are suitable for every application need in the furniture industry and are made in a wide range of colours and finishes, constantly renewed to follow trends. 
Processing is done using extrusion and co-extrusion technologies, innovative solutions that make it possible to combine rigid and soft materials on the same furniture profile.

Discover our profiles for furniture

tubo tondo standard pvc edilizia, illuminazione refrigerazione
Standard round tube for various applications
Square tube for various applications COD. TR889
Square profile for various applications COD. TR894
Square profile for refrigeration COD. TR902
Other applications
profili estrusi termoisolanti refrigerazione
lavorazione profili plastica per illuminazione estrusi e coestrusi
produzione profili pvc estrusi per serramenti
Window frames
produzione profili pvc per edilizia estrusi e coestrusi
produzione tubi PVC impianti elettrici e profili estrusi
produzione profili plastica biodegradabile viticoltura
produzione profili estrusi coestrusi plastici per la nautica
progettazione e lavorazione tubi plastica e profili estrusi per impianti sportivi
Sports facilities
profili estrusi in plastica per progetti speciali
Special projects