From technical drawing to planning


We develop ideas

We give shape to projects, turning customers’ ideas into technical drawings and efficient production plans to make custom plastic profiles. We provide our experience, professionalism and knowledge of materials to give support at every stage of product development, from idea to finished profile. Together we can find the solution for every production need. The project comes from listening to the customer to understand the specific needs taking the production difficulties related to extrusion into consideration. The feasibility analysis, custom drawing, processing and engineering of the plastic profile are carried out by the technical department in co-design with the customer. Equipment design is the consequence of the preliminary stages agreed with the customer. This approach is successful in guiding the extrusion process and subsequent profile productions in the right direction. Thanks to the use of 50 different extruders and the ability to process many different plastics, we can accomplish any project.

progettazione profili plastici su misura
progettazione profili plastici su misura