Window frames


PVC and extruded profiles for doors and windows

One of our key applications is the window and door frame sector where we demonstrate a high level of expertise in the manufacture of PVC frames and other materials for the specific application.

We combine experience and expertise in the production of thermally broken window profiles applied to door and window frames to ensure maximum durability. Products can be made of PVC and other innovative materials while also offering the possibility of surface coating such as decorative filming. Strong know-how in this area allows us to make window and door profiles with complex geometries and in materials with high thermal and acoustic insulation, in line with the new energy requirements of the building industry.

Some of our profiles for windows

tubo tondo standard pvc edilizia, illuminazione refrigerazione
Standard round tube for various applications
tubo tondo standard pvc edilizia, illuminazione refrigerazione
Round PVC tube for building in various sizes
Square tube for various applications COD. TR889
Square profile for various applications COD. TR894
Other applications
profili estrusi termoisolanti refrigerazione
lavorazione profili plastica per illuminazione estrusi e coestrusi
lavorazione profili plastica arredamento profili estrusi e coestrusi per mobili
produzione profili pvc per edilizia estrusi e coestrusi
produzione tubi PVC impianti elettrici e profili estrusi
produzione profili plastica biodegradabile viticoltura
produzione profili estrusi coestrusi plastici per la nautica
progettazione e lavorazione tubi plastica e profili estrusi per impianti sportivi
Sports facilities
profili estrusi in plastica per progetti speciali
Special projects