Rapid prototyping


Rapid prototyping and design

We give customers the opportunity to try out a prototype of the plastic profile before proceeding to extrusion tooling and mass production.
Careful co-design includes, since the early stages of development the concretisation of a model of the product in order to touch the future object with our own hands, before putting it into production. Within a short period of time, we are able to produce a prototype to check the actual aesthetic and mechanical functionality of the profile compared to the design drawing. The model is made with the rapid prototyping technique starting from the three-dimensional mathematical definition of the object.
Through rapid prototyping we can assess the suitability of the material and the correctness of the dimensions so as to provide fast feedback on the production process. Particularly in complex profiles it allows us to check how different elements fit together and if there are any interferences. Rapid prototyping results in time and cost savings.

prototyping 3d printer plastic profiles
prototyping 3d printer plastic profiles