Technical extruded profiles and PVC pipes for electrical systems

Plastic profiles for the electrical sector are essential elements, due to their insulation and self-extinguishing characteristics, being produced with V0 and/or UL94 certified materials

We extrude plastic profiles and technical tubes that are used in the manufacture of cabinets and electrical installations.
Electrically insulating plastic materials find great application in devices such as in lighting systems, cable trays, light diffusers and electrified tracks.
The electrical and lighting sector is a field of application that has progressed over the years in parallel with the constant changes in the global market, the creator of new solutions, circuits and integrated systems. We constantly follow the technological evolution by updating the production of plastic profiles for the electrical and lighting sector while maintaining high quality standards required by the regulations themselves.

Some our profiles for the sector

tubo tondo standard pvc edilizia, illuminazione refrigerazione
Standard round tube for various applications
tubo tondo standard pvc edilizia, illuminazione refrigerazione
Round PVC tube for building in various sizes
Square tube for various applications COD. TR889
Square profile for various applications COD. TR894
Other applications
profili estrusi termoisolanti refrigerazione
lavorazione profili plastica per illuminazione estrusi e coestrusi
lavorazione profili plastica arredamento profili estrusi e coestrusi per mobili
produzione profili pvc estrusi per serramenti
Window frames
produzione profili pvc per edilizia estrusi e coestrusi
produzione profili plastica biodegradabile viticoltura
produzione profili estrusi coestrusi plastici per la nautica
progettazione e lavorazione tubi plastica e profili estrusi per impianti sportivi
Sports facilities
profili estrusi in plastica per progetti speciali
Special projects