Customers and markets


We export to more than 25 European and Extra-European countries

We export extrusions of various shapes and sizes in thermoplastic materials to more than 25 countries in Europe and around the world. In every field, the quality of our company and the reliability of the products manufactured are recognised as an added value. On the strength of our experience with the most accredited and prestigious Italian customers, we have managed to make the quality of our production and our professionalism known and appreciated abroad as well. This preferential line has opened the horizons of our company, which today exports its products to more than twenty-five European and non-European countries.
Innovation, compliance with precise production standards, and the ability to develop customised projects allow us to present ourselves as a qualified partner at the international level in the production of plastic profiles that find application in the most diverse fields of expertise, from refrigeration to lighting, from electrical to sports, from doors and windows to construction.

azienda esportatrice di profili in plastica

*fields of application of our products as a % of total production

vbn processing prodution of plastic materials
  • high production capacity thanks to 50 extruders
  • extensive processing and extrusion capacity
  • over 65 years of experience in the extrusion industry
  • product customisation upon customer’s request
  • mould design with technical counselling
  • research and development with university laboratories
fatturato azienda estrusione plastica
company production processing plastic materials

SINCE 1957

Our company mission

65 years of experience guide us in the extrusion of profiles and pipes in plastic materials. Professionalism and skills have allowed us to open new horizons and provide solutions for each application in the various fields of the market.

azienda estrusione materie plastiche
azienda stampaggio materie plastiche certificata

Certifications and quality

In 2005 we obtained the first certification to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 standard and to the current updating to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015