Off-line machining and assembly


Customized processing for tailor-made solutions

We carry out customised processing from the simplest to the most complex to fully meet customers’ needs. After the extrusion process we complete the profile with different types of integrated machining. Operations range from simple precision custom cutting to drilling and punching, obtained semi-automatically, to more complex CNC milling operations and the assembly of semi-finished products with other items.

materie plastiche lavorazione e assemblaggio
plastic materials processing assembly


Processing and assembly

In off-line machining, we can cut, shape, bend, grind, mill, glue, and polish profiles and employ a three-axis machining center. We are constantly researching the latest technologies to come up with innovative solutions such as ultrasonic or hot-blade welding, which allows us to manufacture customised products that are impossible to make through only the standard extrusion process.