Coextrusion profiles


Coextrusion of plastics

Coextrusion is a widely available technology in VBN that allows plastic materials of different stiffnesses to be coupled and extruded through a single extrusion.

We have the latest technology to simultaneously extrude different materials that come out coupled from the die. This processing allows us to make profiles with a rigid core and a soft outer part or vice versa soft on the inside and rigid on the surface. The co-extrusion technique has been refined over the years and now offers a vast array of possibilities.

coextrusion plastic profiles vbn
coextrusion plastic profile


The coextrusion process

Coextrusion has opened new frontiers to materials engineering and has made possible manufacturing opportunities that were previously unthinkable or extremely difficult. This technology allows us to couple different materials together, not only thermoplastics of different stiffnesses, but also metals such as aluminum, steel, copper, and others-fabrics, polyurethane foam…