Soft profiles

Soft multi-use profile in PVC, EVA or polyurethane COD. PRU12
Soft “linear” profile in soft PVC COD. PRP19
Soft profile in soft PVC, EVA, Polyurethane COD. PPF07
Soft profile in soft PVC COD. PPF01

Soft profiles extrusion

The production of semi-finished thermoplastic products of variable section is part of the generic commercial profile category, used in numerous different fields of application. These products can be finished, on request, with special processing such as diagonal cuts, drilling, milling or shearing. All VBN profiles are made in compliance with international standard DIN 16941 “Thermoplastics extruded profiles”.
Soft semi-finished extrusions are applied for coatings, protections, insulation, lighting, doors and windows and construction.