History and experience


We have specialised in the design and
production of plastics since 1957

Our company was founded in 1957 a stone’s throw from the center of the city of Treviso, thanks to the will of Eng. Franco. Since the very beginning, we obtained important results in PVC and polyethylene extrusion. In a short time we broaden our horizons, developing a wide range of new products and a series of successful collaborations with leading companies of the period.

Increases in production volumes, lead us to move first to Viale della Repubblica in Treviso in the late 1960s and then to the Breda di Piave headquarters in 1993. Over time we consolidate our leading position in the domestic and world markets through PVC semi-finished products. We become a reference point in the world of refrigeration, household appliances and construction.

In 1994, changes in corporate control lead to the establishment of a parallel company in the production area of San Biagio di Callalta by Marcello Vazzoler and Michele Nascimben, who take charge of improving and developing new extrusion technologies applied to different thermoplastic materials. The new reality quickly acquired more and more customers and realises innovative projects.

The success that followed quickly led the two companies to increase their range of action, merging in 2010 into a single group and in 2014 into the current VBN SpA.

Our steps


We start processing PVC extrusions in the new company created by Eng Franco. Right from the start we obtain the first results at high performance levels.


We move to Viale della Repubblica in Treviso to a new plant capable of supporting the significant increase in production volume.


We move to the headquarters in Breda di Piave and consolidate our position in the national and world markets in the production of plastic materials.


As a result of changes in corporate control, a parallel company was established in San Biagio di Callalta, directed by Marcello Vazzoler and Michele Nascimben.


We merge the two companies into one group.


In 2014 the group became the current company VBN SpA.


We build the new plant by introducing and applying the latest production methods and technologies in the field of profile extrusion.


We build a new area of ​​4500mq for the processing and assembly of extruded profiles, equipped with laboratories for the analysis of raw materials and quality control of finished products.