Profiles for refrigeration

Square profile for various applications COD. TR966
Square profile polycarbonate, polyethylene and polypropylene COD. TR939
Square profile for refrigeration COD. TR902
Square profile for various applications COD. TR894
Square tube for various applications COD. TR889
profilo pvc ferma lamiera cella frigorifera
Sheet metal stop in PVC for refrigerating room
Plinth profile in PVC for shelf unit
Plinth profile in PVC for refrigerated
profili pvc paracolpi per banco frigo
Protective stripes profiles for refrigerated
profili pvc porta etichette prezzi banchi frigo
Labels ticket holder profiles for refrigerated counter
profilo pvc paracolpi scaffali metallici
Protective strips profiles in PVC for shelf unit
Profiles price labels in PVC for shelf unit
Cold storages plinth PVC profile
profili PVC angolo sanitario celle frigorifere
PVC sanitary ware profiles for cold storages
profilo pvc pavimento cella frigorifera
PVC profiles for cold storages background
PVC profiles for joining cold storages panels

Plastic profiles and extrusions for refrigeration

The field of application of refrigeration, has been and continues to be our core business where many of our standard profiles find use. We extrude thermo-insulating profiles that are applied to large refrigerated plants and community complexes: refrigerated cabinets, professional and domestic refrigerated furniture, cold rooms and refrigerated counters display shelving.